So I recently watched RWBY because avoidmynose and warukii have been talking about it and oh no Weiss is my favourite.

I say ‘oh no’ because I like how Weiss is at present - arrogant and elitist and rude, but with some willingness to deign to the weaknesses of lesser mortals (Ruby) and inclinations to compromise as long as she doesn’t lose too much face - but hey! Everyone knows that you can’t have an asshole female character, which means she’s going to go down the tsundere trope route and I will just flip tables in frustration. :D But anyway avoidmynose was curious about my headcanon for Weiss so here goes.

Weiss Schnee isn’t soft. Her character symbol is a snowflake and her signature combat abilities heavily utilise ice - and that’s her. She tries so hard to be flawless and hard like diamond, but all she manages is ice; brittle. That’s not to say that her self-confidence is merely a facade (lbr it probably will become one later in the series and tropes for character development are a sad, sad thing but anyway); she does believe in her superiority and the elitism is real.

If you’re into K-pop, this is where I reference KARA’s Park Gyuri. She’s admitted that her princess image is deliberately constructed for entertainment value, but it’s also been stated just as many times if not more often that she is that unshakeable in her self-confidence. In this video from 1:52 onwards, it’s pretty apparent. (Context: the host polled the male idol group members present for their favourite female idol group member present and none of them picked Gyuri.) Even if she plays it up for entertainment value, it still need a certain degree of belief in yourself to be that thick-skinned and blatant.

Based off what has been aired of RWBY canon so far - up till episode 9, at this time of writing - I see no reason to believe that Weiss’ attitude is just a facade. She may use her family name and status as a shield, but that doesn’t invalidate that her confidence is real.

As to her character song referencing loneliness - that is why I say that she is brittle and not truly hard. Loneliness can really be a killer. It eats away at a person from inside, quietly relentless and near-impossible to conquer on your own. That, I feel, is what Weiss needs to overcome in her character arc: loneliness. As for her other deficiencies (thorny attitude, lapses in martial prowess, etc.) I don’t think that Weiss is necessarily in denial about them. She may not acknowledge them publicly; status and face are hugely important to her, which is why she makes such a big fuss at her first meeting with Ruby. The Schnee name is like a shield; a cloak she drapes over her own shoulders for protection and comfort. Accompanying that name and status is the expectation of others to defer to her, even when she’s acting unreasonable: Weiss was raised to be an heiress, with all the burdens and responsibilities, so why shouldn’t see expect the privileges of an heiress? When others don’t recognise her name and status, that’s when she gets prickly. BUT it doesn’t mean she’s in denial to herself, rather that she is adamant on keeping a perfect front to the world. Her weaknesses are her own to conquer in her own private sphere and it is none of your business so go away. >:(

…so basically yeah I like my headcanon of Weiss as an entitled jerk who is completely comfortable with her elitism and not a complete wibbly inside. :l I will be sad when the tsundere happens. :l

I was on board the tsundere!Weiss train from the beginning, since I don’t mind the trope at all (despite how commonplace it is).

HOWEVER, it was a bit odd to hear Weiss proclaim, “But I’m still leagues better than you,” in episode seven—because tsunderes are supposed to be soft inside! They’re supposed to be vulnerable and insecure, hidden by a mask of confidence! But when Weiss was all “lol i’m better than u lbr” there was no doubt in my mind that she didn’t believe it—that didn’t fit the trope, though, so I was ??? on how to feel about her.

But then you got into RWBY and you made the comparison to Gyuri and I was just /eagernod the whole time. I wish I could add more, but I’d just be parroting since you more or less hit the nail on the head. 

My only question (and whoops it’s shipping related, ofc) is how elitist!Weiss would end up with Ruby bc one must be soft at some point in a relationship, no? 

Anyway, I still don’t mind tsundere!Weiss, because lol they are obviously going that route, but your Weiss is much more interesting ;A; 

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    I was on board the tsundere!Weiss train from the beginning, since I don’t mind the trope at all (despite how commonplace...
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